Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boot SeaTools from USB

I recently had problem with my laptop HP Compaq Mini 110c, my Seagate SATA HD was physically corrupted and need to fixed from DOS without OS in order to fix the bad sectors using SeaTools for DOS.

Seagate provides two options, SeaTools ISO bootable from CD and SeaTools for DOS bottable from Floppy!

My Laptop Mini does not have CD nor Floppy.

The solution provided my Segate to burn the Floppy image to USB does not work because the 3rd party utility is no longer available.

So, to boot SeaTools follow these steps:

1- Download SeaTools for DOS!! CD ISO.
2- Use 7-Zip to extract the ISO image.
3- Go to the extracted folder and rename the file SeaTools.ima to SeaTools.img (optionla)
4- Download Win32 IW
5- Insert FAT32 USB and run Win32DiskImage, Select Seatools.img and burn your USB.
6- Restart your Computer

Now you should be able to boot from USB in order to fix your HD.

Good Luck.