Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boot SeaTools from USB

I recently had problem with my laptop HP Compaq Mini 110c, my Seagate SATA HD was physically corrupted and need to fixed from DOS without OS in order to fix the bad sectors using SeaTools for DOS.

Seagate provides two options, SeaTools ISO bootable from CD and SeaTools for DOS bottable from Floppy!

My Laptop Mini does not have CD nor Floppy.

The solution provided my Segate to burn the Floppy image to USB does not work because the 3rd party utility is no longer available.

So, to boot SeaTools follow these steps:

1- Download SeaTools for DOS!! CD ISO.
2- Use 7-Zip to extract the ISO image.
3- Go to the extracted folder and rename the file SeaTools.ima to SeaTools.img (optionla)
4- Download Win32 IW
5- Insert FAT32 USB and run Win32DiskImage, Select Seatools.img and burn your USB.
6- Restart your Computer

Now you should be able to boot from USB in order to fix your HD.

Good Luck.


Sameh Fakoua said...

This works for me. Thanks!

Sameh Fakoua said...

Muchisimas gracias amigo. Thank you very much.

Sameh Fakoua said...

Bienvenido amigo.

Sameh Fakoua said...

Can you recommend another image writer Win32 IW doesn't work on my 8gb Kingston DataTraveler

Sameh Fakoua said...

Thanks for the info!  I tested it on a computer that has a floppy drive, but it acted sort of strange when booting from USB - the floppy drive kept accessing and it didn't boot properly.  Of course in that case, you can just install SeaTools to a floppy, or it might work if you disable the floppy from BIOS setup (will test and let you know).  It did however work great on a computer that doesn't have a floppy drive.  

This is an excellent use for some old USB drives that don't have that large of a capacity; in this case I installed to a 128MB with no issues, although another 64MB drive I had wasn't recognized by the Win32DiskImage program.  

FYI, if SeaTools isn't seeing your drives and you have enabled AHCI, set it back to IDE mode while you scan your drive. 

Sameh Fakoua said...

Ok, it still wouldn't boot from that computer, but it's probably just a compatibility issue.  I can just run SeaTools on that one from a floppy or CD, and of course the USB drive will still work on new computers that don't have a floppy drive.  Thanks again! 

Sameh Fakoua said...

Many thanks Paul for your useful feedback. Will try also

Sameh Fakoua said...

Good work!  Thanks a bunch!

Sameh Fakoua said...

Hi Shootingsakanto, 
Try formatting your USB with EASEUS Partition Master, FAT32, Primary and try again.

Sameh Fakoua said...

 hi there, It did not work for me.

My solution: do all things up to step 5 (my error was, the image was not copied at all)
FIX: upzip the renamed seatools.img with 7zip, then extract the inside of seatools.img zip file called into the folder where you extracted the seatools.img to.

copy then all files of the seetools directory to the pen drive and you're fine (ignore all errors comming up after booting, just abort and seatools starts up).

Sameh Fakoua said...

Nice Work :) Really help ful to me. I Just followed instruction and I use black berry sd car as boot device and format hard-disk using sea tools :) Again Thanks